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Essential Terms Related to Cryptocurrency Mining

People have started to realize how bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining can be profitable in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, some people don’t even know what cryptocurrency mining is. You might have seen cryptocurrency users getting digital currencies without even visiting a digital currency exchange, and they get these digital currencies with the help of mining.

The cryptocurrency miners are merely familiar with this part of mining, and they don’t know about another aspect of digital currency mining: validation and formation of blocks. Here are some essential terms related to cryptocurrency mining that will improve your understanding of this business.



Suppose you are a person who has invested plenty of money in buying a mining machine, and now you are contributing your processing power on a digital currency network to get incentivized from that network, then you are a digital currency miner. The cryptocurrency miners get incentives only when they accomplish their goals of validating the transactions. Otherwise, miners have to repeat the entire process of validation.

Being a cryptocurrency miner is not very hard as most of the task is performed by the dedicated mining machine. But choosing the right cryptocurrency to mine based on the processing power of your machine is what makes a miner different from others. Cryptocurrency miners are compared with the validators in a centralized banking system. Once miners successfully receive the rewards, they either keep them in their e-wallet or sell them with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Block reward!

The utmost lucrative aspect of the cryptocurrency mining business is what makes people invest their money in the dedicated digital currency mining machines. People think that a block reward on a virtual currency network is straightforward; however, unless or until you become a member of the cryptocurrency mining pool, you cannot get this reward with decent investments in the mining machine.

The cryptocurrency mining machines make it easy to get the block reward. However, you might wonder how cryptocurrency network decides who will get the block reward. As per the mining algorithm, cryptocurrency miners cannot get the reward if they don’t invest enough processing power to validate a transaction. Therefore, the reward is very hard to get in a short block when you start mining with mining machines like central processing units and GPU.

Mining Pool!

Mining pool comes up with massive importance in this business. As the mining business is getting more exposure amongst the millennials, the mining pool concept is booming at breakneck speed. With a mining pool, even android cryptocurrency miners can make profits in this business.

The reason why bitcoin mining pools and other cryptocurrency mining pools make mining so easy is that many people contribute their powers and share the rewards based on their mining power. Some famous cryptocurrency mining pools with the maximum hash rate are Antpool slush and Slush is the most convenient one with the maximum user base. Other mining pools appeared recently and are owned by Bitmain.

Bitcoin Halving!

Bitcoin Halving is the crucial event that made mining profitable. Bitcoin halving has been one of the utmost exciting events in bitcoin mining. As discussed, incentives motivate a miner to make efforts in the mining business, and these incentives are famous as block rewards. Unfortunately, in every cryptocurrency network, the block reward of digital currency mining is never the same.

Bitcoin halving changes every four years or subsequent formulation of 210k blocks. Usually, the formulation of several blocks in the bitcoin network takes four years, but since the mining machines are so advanced, it consumes only 9.5 minutes to generate a block. So now, a Bitcoin miner can make 6.25 bitcoins every 9.5 minutes, and this block reward will not sustain for a very long time as in 2024 next bitcoin halving event will occur.


Mining machines are the core part of this business. Application-specific integrated are ranked at the top in terms of processing power compared with other hardware used for the mining process. However, this hardware’s cost is slightly high compared to the graphic processing unit.

The above-listed portion explains some essential terms of bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining.