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Dark Web Scan Review: All You Need To Know

Many companies are now digging into Dark Web to gather lot’s of information for you. While others are eager to know if they are safe on Dark Web and to also see the details review. In this article that you are reading now, we will be looking at all the details about the Dark Web Scan and other information you need to know.

Dark Web Scan Review

Dark Web Scan Review & Definition

Dark Web is a hidden website that you can access without special software. You won’t be able to find this website on Google or any other search engine, and you will never access them unless you use the appropriate tool required. For example, you can use the Tor software for anonymous browsing of the normal web and you can also use it to access website like the  “onion sites” or “Tor hidden services”.

Apart from that, you can use the Tor service to access other legitimate websites like the Facebook which will look something like this Tor .onion site at facebookcorewwwi.onion. This method is for people living in a country where Facebook is not allowed. You can also use the DuckDuckGo search engine in the Tor hidden service to evade government censorship.

The Dark Web can also be used for criminal activities as well. People use the Dark Web to sell databases of people’s credit card and social security numbers online in other to hide their location and avoid the authority arrest. This also the reason why an online black market for drugs and other illicit things, was available only through Tor.

Will They Scan The Entire Web?

The Dark Web does not scan the entire Web. In fact, it’s impossible to do that because there are numerous sites addresses on the web and still counting. So it will not be possible to check each of them to see if they have your data or not.  Even though they are scanning the entire web, which they are not, they won’t be able to disclose the data to the public.

What Dark Web Scan Do

It will be difficult for any company to disclose what they actually do. These company offering the service of Dark Web will only give you a hint to guess what they do. The main purpose is to gather people data bumps made public on popular websites to the Dark Web. These are not just data, they are a big database that includes your username, password as well as other personal information. This will include social security numbers and credit card details that are stolen and released online.

This means, they don’t just scan the Web, they Scan leaks relevant information and password. These are what you will find on the Dark Web and they will also let you know if they have any of your personal information on their database. Sometimes, Dark Web may tell you that you are fine, this, however, does not call for rejoicing because they are only searching for the available leak which they have access to.

How to Find Out If Your Information Is On The Dark Web

It’s better to be safe than sorry. This, however, suggests that you should always monitor your data to know if you are saved or not. You can use Have I been pwned to monitor your data breaches. The website will tell you whether your email address or password appears in one of the 322 data bumps from the website around the globe.

Although the service does not scan to see if your social security number has been a leak as dark Web promise to do, still it’s one of the best services to check if your credentials have been a leak online.
This is also another reason to use a different password in all the website and internet you have access to, that way criminals won’t be able to access your other data online.

The Bitter Truth You Won’t Like To Hear

Your data has been stolen, face the fact. You read that right. Dark Web Scan will tell you if your social security number has been leak right, which is useful. There have been huge breaches of security number starting from the Equifax leaked which was about 145.5 security number online and then the Anthem leaked which was about for 78.8 million people. In the United States, the Personnel Management (OPM) leaked sensitive information on 21.5 million people, this includes social security numbers.

These are nothing but a few. Be as it may, there have been numerous leaks over the years and note they are the ones that were made public. Statistically, every American had probably had their social security number leak online that’s why you need.

Solution To Date Breaches

If you are afraid that your security number has been leak or abuse, the only way out is to freeze your credit. The good news here is that you can do that for free without paying any bucks across the entire USA. Freezing your credits will prevent people from opening new credit in your name. No one will be able to use your credit until you unfreeze or provide a PIN. So if you found out that your security number is on the Dark Web Scan, you should quickly freeze your account to protect anyone from applying for a credit card with your personal information.

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