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Cookie Clicker Hack & Cheats – Hack and Get Unlimited Cookies

If you ask any Cookie Clicker player what they want, I know mostly what they will tell you is unlimited Cookie! My bet can have almost a 90th% accuracy. Now, are you a player in Cookie Clicker and you are looking for limitless cookies? Lol, that is rhetorical. As long as you have searched and landed on this article your answer must be a yes.

You are in the right place because you will find a detailed guide on Cookie Clicker hacks or cheats that will enable you to unlock Godmode, an endless number of cookies, upgrades, buildings, achievements, and much more. Right now, Cookie Clicker is the most popular and fantastic game in the gaming world.

Even yet, if you play frequently, you may easily make a large number of in-game cookies in a few days or even in a matter of hours with well-planned grinding and patience. Not for a gamer like me that like cutting corners.

However, a lot of players aren’t into grinding; instead, they’re looking for some quick entertainment and exploring the game’s boundaries. Does that sound like you? That is how I am too.

cookie clicker hack

Therefore, if you fall into this category, our list of Cookie Clicker hacks and cheat codes will undoubtedly be helpful to you. So let’s jump right into the Cookie Clicker cheat codes without wasting any more valuable time.  At the end of this article, you can comment on the tricks you have been using to get unlimited cookies to assist other gamers.

How to Hack Cookie Clicker and Get Unlimited Cookies

Let’s briefly clarify that using a browser source inspector is necessary to hack Cookie Clicker. This implies that the game’s original browser-based version is the only one on which this procedure can be carried out.

On the Cookie Clicker version that is accessible on Steam, for instance, you cannot accomplish this.  Now that the notice as to which these tricks will work has been made, let me walk you through the procedure step by step:

  • Open Cookie Clicker in your favorite web browser and navigate to the Dashnet website.
  • Any browser will function just fine.
  • You must launch the source inspector on your web browser.
  • With the following key macros, you can accomplish this: 
  1. Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K (Command+Option+J on Mac)
  2. Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+K (Command+Option+K on Mac)
  3. Internet Explorer: F12
  4. Edge: F12
  5. Safari: Command+Option+C
  • You should see a little command line along with a randomly generated greeting from the game’s creators.
  • They are aware of what you do, but they are unconcerned.
  • Simply copy/paste the following code, without the quotes: “Game.Earn(999999999999999999999999999),” to provide yourself with an effectively limitless supply of cookies.
  • Your browser may ask for your permission before allowing you to enter codes, but it will let you know what code to type when that happens.
  • You will instantly receive 100 billion cookies if you press Enter.
  • You can keep entering this code to receive additional cookies, and once you do, you should have enough to pay for whatever structures or improvements you desire. 

What is the name of the Cookie Clicker Hack?

Although the code I just described doesn’t have a specific name, another code does. You can repeat the process and type “Game.RuinTheFun();” to get the same insane number of cookies, all of the buildings, and all of the upgrades at once.

You’ll even receive a notice saying, “You doth ruin the fun!” Perhaps I did, Cookie Clicker, but I think this is amusing in and of itself, that will be my response. 


How to Insert Cookie clicker cheat codes in Google Chrome?

By hitting Control, Shift, and J when using Google Chrome on a Windows computer, you can access the Cookie Clicker hack menu.

Press Command, Option, and J to open the Cookie Clicker hacking area in Google Chrome for macOS. In all situations, the desired area ought to slide into view, allowing you to enter codes to your heart’s content.

How to use cheats for Cookie Clicker in Internet Explorer?

By simply pressing F12 on Internet Explorer, you can access the Cookie Clicker hack zone. You simply need to type (or copy and paste) the code there when you see it pop up and then click enter. 

In Safari, how do you insert Cookie Clicker cheat codes?

To cheat in Cookie Clicker in Safari, use Command, Option, and C. This will open the cheating box, where you can enter a code and then hit enter.

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