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Contv: Watch Free Anime TV Shows and Movies

Contv is an unrestricted valid on-demand streaming service launched in July 2010. Contv offers movies and TV episodes without the trouble of a monthly subscription. Contv inserts advertisements into the viewer’s experience, in exchange for the free content. 

CONtv brings the material that is appealing to its users, No more browsing the internet for your latest series or waiting for it to be posted on Youtube, on the Contv panel database. Users can find everything concerning movies and series in a single location.

Contv is owned by Cinedigm and Wizard World, which is one of the largest self-sufficient distributors of movies and series to the worldwide Tv media market.

Contv is an OTT (over-the-top) service delivering unrestricted ad-supported streaming videos of feature-length movies. Out of all the remaining (ad-based video on demand) AVOD platforms, Contv is referred to as the strongest, and also the best option for consumers.

CONtv movies

CONtv can be considered as one of the best anime streaming sites you can come by. It has a diverse variety of Movies, anime, TV shows,  and even panels. This site has a wide coverage of Anime genres from romance to horror like everything a movie fan can think of when it comes to entertainment, Contv gets you covered. 

One exciting function of ConTV is its categorical clarity. It offers shows and movies that are only available on the site and this is an addition to user enjoyment. Numerous uncut contents and kids collections are also accessible on the site

The contv free and paid services.

  • Users can enjoy CONtv ad-free! 
  • Users are sure to get exclusive access to the best content in the website library!
  • Users can as well watch their favorite content from any device, contv supports almost all kinds of smartphones to help keep its users connected.
  • The subscription will automatically renew unless the user turns off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the existing period.
  • When a user registers with the CONtv app, their subscription will be charged at the authorization of purchase point. The subscription will renew each month from the day of the purchase until canceled. 
  • While a lot of free/premium services possess very little differences between the two payments tiers CONtv delivers a considerable amount of value for a small price tag. Anyone interested in using CONtv, I would recommend trying out the premium version.

Features you can find on contv 

Lots of content to watch: Watch over 1,000’s hours of movies & series instantly on your iPad or iPhone. And, of course, contv support the iPod. They have an amazing collection of anime that users will be sure to devour.

24hours Live Tv: when a user is too busy to swipe left and right Then watch the 24/7 channel where no swiping is required, it has a non-stop stream of TV marathons, anime blocks, late-night creature features, and even LIVE streaming events!

Comics: Viewers who want an entire series of comics and graphic novels then this is the right place, contv is on the way to becoming the most comic bookish comic digital distributor. They have Dynamite Comics, Valiant Comics, IDW comics, and lots more.

You can also find 

Transformers, The Boys, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Vampirella, X-Files, and more

With contv, you just can’t get enough, as they have a lot to offer you!

Cost of the paid version of Contv

CONtv offers both a free version and a paid-for version. The free version of CONtv comes with ads and only enables you to access roughly 40 percent of the content available on CONtv. The paid VIP version costs $7 a month, is ad-free, and is more than two times the amount of content of the free version. 

By using the contv paid VIP version, users will also get a lot of factual benefits as well. To begin with, contv VIP users can live stream Comic-Con Panels as they happen. 

That means VIP users need not wait for someone to upload the desired video on YouTube or questionable picture quality. 

Stop the ads: Become a CONtv VIP for $6.99 a month and watch ad-free. Otherwise, they are like a broadcast TV station. Their advertisers help them underwrite the cost of the content users sees on the channel. 

They are striving hard to limit the volume of ads during feature exhibitions and only trying to deliver ads that are relevant to the users.

Sign Up for CONtv premium and get all of the above services and even more.

Additional features 

Are you tired of getting stuck in line at conventions? Well, you need not worry as contv have even better service for it users. The ConTV VIP user can enter Wizard World conventions ahead of the whole public as well as receive reserved seats for panels. 

Although ConTV gives free access to its video content, users are still required to sign up to be able to download from ConTV videos. Most users are not comfortable giving out personal details especially their email addresses as they are most likely to be flooded with spam messages. For anyone who had a lot of things working on, spam messages could be disturbing. 

One best solution to this is to use a ConTV video downloader which is the VideoPower RED or ZEUS that also enables users to download videos from ConTV even without signing up.

How to download movies or series from Contv

1: Firstly you need to detect ConTV video via an Embedded browser

VideoPower RED has a built-in browser which can be found under the “Detect” menu. 

Open the ConTV website on the built-in browser by writing the website address in the top bar menu and playing the selected video. The software will then auto-detect the video played and automatically downloads it.

2: Downloading process

The video will then be processed for downloading. Users will see it been added automatically in the “Downloading” tab

3: Download complete

After the downloading procedure is complete, click on the “Completed” tab to check the downloaded, movies, series, Anime videos. Right-click the video file to view more preferences.

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