How To Connect facebook To Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers as you know is one of the best addictive and time Killer games of all time. In our previous post, we provide a brief review of the game and also a link to download the MOD version for Android.

As we pointed on that article, some folks are still finding it difficult to connect the subway Surfers using their Facebook account, while many still don’t know how to connect the subway Surfers to their Facebook account using iPhone and Android.

Another problem we will also try to point out is the change of account login on Subway Surfers. So in this article, we will be showing you how to Connect Subway Surfers using the Facebook account and also how to troubleshoot some fail login connection.

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Connect facebook To Subway Surfers

How To Connect Facebook To Subway Surfers on iPhone

If you are using iOS which can be iPhone or iPad, to connect Facebook to Subway Surfers, follow the steps below. After you have installed the Subway Surfers on your iPhone And Android. Tap to open and select Facebook as your login option. Just follow the instructions to complete the process.

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Fix Subway Surfers won’t Connect to Facebook iPhone

If you have any problem connecting to Subway Surfers on your iPhone. The best solution to fix this is to simply log out of Facebook and uninstall it. Many have confirmed that this usually solved the problem.

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Fix Can’t See Facebook Friends Anymore On Subway Surfers

The fun of Subway Surfers is seeing your friends and bragging about your score with them. So if you no longer see your friends anymore, the best way to fix it is to uninstall the Subway Surfers and then install it’s again, connect it again using Facebook.

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Connect Subway Surfers with Facebook but want to Change it with Another Account

  • If you are using an iPhone, go to settings
  • Go to Facebook
  • Disabled Subway Surfers
  • Go back and enable launch Subway Surfers again on your device
  • Now on the login, you can choose another account. (This method is also applicable to Android phones as well).

With the method, you can also fix not able to see the Facebook contact list again. Hope this helps you to resolve the issue. If you have any more questions, don’t forget to use the comment box and please share this post as well.

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