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Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2023

If you use your iPhone to make a lot of videos, or you’re vlogging with your iPhone, you would be dealing with a lot of video editing apps. But you really should be using one, if it’s good enough; but it’s kind of tough looking for the best video editing app for your iPhone 11 all on your own.
Which is why you’d find in this post, some of the best video editing apps you can find for your iPhone.


This is one video editing app that’s been considered a really good one.

Professionals use LumaFusion; film-makers as well as mobile journalists (and vloggers too)
LumaFusion is packed full with features necessary for editing video and audio alike.

“Edit like a Pro” applies very much to LumaFusion. Download it here.


InShot is very popular, even if you aren’t using an iPhone. And that is for good reasons; it’s a very social video editor that’s also so easy to use.

It has social media integrated into it, so you can seamlessly share your edited videos. Get it here.

Adobe Premiere Rush

You know, if it’s from Adobe, then it must have a certain level of quality to it. Well, Premier Rush is one of the best video editing apps out there right now.
Rush All in One Cross Device
It is an all-in-one app that “just works”: it makes the process of editing and sharing videos so fast and easy.

It’s got handy tools and features that make your edited videos come out just the way you like it yet professional at the same time.

You can use Premiere Rush for free, but it’s restrictive, so you’d have to subscribe to get the full features. Get it here.


Splice is probably the best advert for “Simple yet Powerful” when it comes to video editing apps.

Some say it’s got the performance of a desktop video editor, but optimized for your iPhone; they’re not wrong.

With features like Clips Trimming, Transition Adjustments, Slow Motion Effects all within one tap of your screen, you would literally be editing videos like “a Pro on the go”. Download it here.


This is also a very capable video editing app for your iPhone. Magisto is a smart video editor that allows you create pro-grade videos within minutes.

You get to seamlessly share your videos on social media too! Download Magisto, what is now the vimeo video editing tool for your iPhone.

Magisto (Vimeo Video Editor) has also got a web version, check it out here



Video Editing Apps for iPhone FAQs

Q: Can you edit videos on iPhone?
A: Absolutely.

Q: What is the best video editor for iPhone?
A: Above are some of the best video editing apps you can find for your iPhone right now.

Q: What do Youtubers use to edit videos?
A: Most of the time, it’s a desktop video editor, but some of the times they use a mobile video editor, there’s no telling the difference.

Q: Can I make a film entirely from my iPhone?
A: Yes, it’s possible

Q: How do you make good video edits on iPhone?
A: You simply use a really good video editing app.

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