Best Live Wallpaper apps for iPhone 11

if you’ve got an iPhone 11, you might want to try out some live wallpaper apps for it. The plain fact is that Live wallpaper is really cool, and on a fine-tuned display such as the iPhone 11’s, they absolutely sing!

There are a lot of apps in the App Store, some of which are offering HD quality, animated wallpapers. You’ve got a lot of live wallpaper apps to choose from for your iPhone 11, needless to say, you’d be spoilt for choice as far as live wallpapers go.

Luckily for you, this post has in it some of the best live wallpaper apps, helping you narrow down your search to the very best of the lot.

Live Wallpapers

What makes a Live wallpaper app so cool? It’s got to have lots and lots of live wallpapers!

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Live Wallpapers is one such app, developed by Yunus Amin Abdullah. With Live Wallpapers, you get a great collection of live wallpapers.

Setting your downloaded wallpapers on your iPhone 11 is super easy. However, Live Wallpapers is a paid app, and it costs $2.99 to have.

Black Lite

With Black Lite, you’ll get access to some “intense” live wallpapers. Most of the live wallpapers it exhibits are with deep, dark colors with eye-catching designs.

The live wallpapers are able to bring life to your iPhone 11’s screen. the fun part about the Black Lite app is that you can save and share downloaded images.

Also, it’s a free app to get for your iPhone 11. Download here

Live Wallpapers HD

This is another Live Wallpapers app. But this one boasts of over 1000 live wallpapers, organized into different categories (like automobiles, anime, gadgets and so on), and updated regularly.

All you just need to do is, download the app, browse through the categories, and download them as they come. It even allows you to save and share live wallpapers with friends. And it’s completely free!

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Live Wallpapers by Voros Innovation

This live wallpaper app boasts of “professionally designed” live images, and you can find collections like Christmas trees, landscapes and so much more.

This is the Live Wallpaper app to get if you’re looking to give a new look to your iPhone 11’s screen. It is a paid app, however, and it costs $0.99.

3D Wallpaper

3D Wallpaper by TOH CO gives you over a thousand live wallpapers for free.

It’s literally asking you to knock yourself out, trying out live wallpapers with themes ranging from Nature to anime and everything in between!

Don’t forget, it’s absolutely free to download for your iPhone 11.


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iPhone 11 Live Wallpaper FAQs

Q: How do I get Live Wallpapers for my iPhone 11?
A: Easy! There are Live Wallpapers that you can download in the App Store.

Q: Would Live Wallpapers work on my iPhone 11?
A: Yes, they would work.

Q: Would 3D Wallpapers work for my iPhone 11?
A: Unfortunately, No. 3D Wallpapers would only work on iPhones that have 3D Touch; iPhone 11 doesn’t have 3D Touch.

Q: What’s the best live wallpaper app for iPhone 11?
A: There are a lot of Live Wallpaper apps for the iPhone 11, but the aforelisted ones are some of the very best you can find.

Q: How can I get free Live Wallpapers for my iPhone 11?
A: Some of the listed Live Wallpaper apps are free to download.

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