Since UAE accommodates a large number of banks offering savings accounts at great interest rates, it is quite confusing to decide on opening an account with a high-interest rate.

high saving account in UAE

Below are the best high-interest savings account in UAE and Dubai

1. United Arab Bank Ultra Savings Account

United Arab Bank Ultra savings account does not pay interest at the same rate for all balances as other banks do. Rather, it offers tiered interest rates linked to the balance held in the savings account.


  • It offers a free Debit Card.
  • It charges No Maintenance fee
  • Interest rate is up to 2.5% and interest is paid on a monthly basis.
  • It allows for Unlimited withdrawals.

2. ADCB Active Saver Account

This is one of the best savings account in the UAE in terms of opening procedure. ADCB active saver account can be opened online with little documentation.


  • Interest is calculated daily,  with tiered interest rates.
  • It allows for easy transfer of money through online banking.
  • You can save in AED and USD
  • Interest  is paid on a monthly basis
  • Interest rate is up to 2%

3. Emirates Islamic e-Savings Account

Emirates Islamic Bank nit only provides high benefits and profit rates but also offers an e-Saving account that can be accessed online.


  • Profits are  quarterly interval
  • There are no limitations on monthly transactions
  • There is no minimum balance requirement in the account
  • You can  save in AED and USD
  • Interest rate is up to 2%

4. RAKBank FastSaver account

RAKBANK Fast Saver account is a zero balance account that offers a great range of benefits, low fees, and charges. It provides different savings accounts.


  • It provides a free debit card
  • It requires no balance in the account
  • It allows for a monthly single cash withdrawal or 5 utility bill payments
  • It offers free  utility bills payment on no additional charges
  • Interest rate is up to 1.75%

5. CBI Saver Account

The CBI saver account provides multiple withdrawal access to your money. It credits interest to your account every month calculated by your daily balance and activity.


  • It’s available for minors and joint-account holders.
  • It offers a free international debit card.
  • Allows for account opening in AED.
  • Monthly interest payment
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Interest rate is up to 1.75%

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