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Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2023

If you have been looking for the Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2023, then you have come to the right place!

Computer hacking has become the new way of learning or achieving something in the world of technology and many hackers have now become heroes and are being popularized in various TV shows and series. Here are 10 top hacker TV shows and series you should watch in 2023! Let’s check them out!

10 Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2023

Below we have highlighted some of the best Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2023.

1. Black Mirror 

Black Mirror 

Though Black Mirror is not technically classified as a hacker series, there are elements of hacking throughout the show. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates how an event that occurred from someone behind a computer screen could affect their life in drastic ways. 

As a result, it should be seen as the perfect example of the dangers of hacking and the morally bankrupt consequences that may occur. However, one of the best aspects of this show is that you never know what will happen next.

 Each episode takes on a different storyline and can leave you guessing until the end. Some episodes explore issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder and social media shaming. 

With new episodes being released every few months, you’ll have plenty of time to binge-watch before the next season starts. Plus, with its futuristic vibe and cutting-edge technology, it’s likely that Black Mirror will be nominated for several Emmy Awards come 2022.

2. Mr. Robot

Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch 2022

Easily one of the best hackers shows out there, the character-driven series centers around a young programmer named Elliot who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them.

The show takes you into the deep web, where people can’t be traced, which is where Elliot goes when he hacks into systems and tells the world about society’s dirty secrets in order to make it a better place. 

With this groundbreaking TV show, viewers are given the rare opportunity to see how hacking really works. With that said, Mr. Robot should definitely be on your list of top 10 hacker TV shows worth watching!

 3. Silicon Valley

Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2022

This sitcom takes a comedic look at the tech world in Silicon Valley, from start-ups to big companies like Google. The series is set in modern times and is based around the computer programmers of Silicon Valley, who use their skills for both good and evil purposes. 

The show highlights the quest for human connection and how tech has become an addiction for many people. It also addresses such topics as gentrification, wealth inequality, political corruption, and exploitation of internet freedom.   

While it does have funny moments, it’s more about highlighting the issues that have arisen because of technological advances.

4. The IT Crowd

Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2022

Trying to come up with the best hacker TV shows can be tough. There are a lot of episodes out there and not all of them are good. The IT Crowd, from British comedy station Channel 4, is one of the most popular shows about hackers ever made. 

Its humor and characters make it a fresh take on computer hacking for people looking for some laughs. 

Also, its ability to find a balance between geeky tech talk and hilarious banter makes it an easy show to binge-watch in order to catch up before the next season airs. With constant callbacks to previous seasons, each episode has plenty of fun Easter eggs for fans who’ve watched more than once.

 5. Person Of Interest

Best Hacker TV Shows And Series to Watch in 2022

This television series features a computer genius and former hacker who has built an untraceable system. He comes out of hiding when he realizes the same criminals who stole his company are now targeting someone else– and they’re more dangerous than ever. 

A game-changing show that has intrigued me as a hacker. It follows Harold Finch, a reclusive computer genius and billionaire who is recruited by the government to prevent the next event. 


The one thing that separates this show from others like Mr. Robot is the fact that there are heroes outside of the federal government saving the day without sacrificing civil liberties.  

 6. CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber

CBS launched the spin-off of their successful CSI series, CSI: Cyber in September 2015. The show follows an elite team of cyber cops in the Cyber Crime Division at the FBI. In 2016, a female agent was recruited to join the Cyber Crime Division after being targeted by a hacker. 


The next day she is assigned what looks like a simple case involving stolen credit card information. However, when the hack spreads across town and becomes more sophisticated, it becomes clear that this will be no ordinary investigation.  One of the most popular hackers in the world has set his sights on targeting those closest to him – including her son. 

7. Arrow

8. Starting in 2012, Arrow is an American crime show based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name. After witnessing his father’s death and being believed to be one of many casualties, Oliver Queen teams up with John Diggle and trains himself as a vigilante. Although there are many hacker tv shows out there Arrow is the best.  

The character development and storytelling make it so addicting to watch. The actors are great and they do not shy away from violent scenes that many other networks would not allow. 

With four seasons under its belt, it continues to impress viewers with its originality while staying true to what made it successful in the first place: action, drama, violence, and some comedy. It’s exciting to see how each season will play out given that every episode leaves you wanting more. Arrow does not disappoint. 

The five main characters on the show continue to develop and leave you guessing where they could go next. Sometimes when a series gets long-winded or stale, viewers start tuning out but this is not the case for Arrow. 

What sets this show apart from others are the fight sequences that take time to unfold beautifully in front of your eyes and showcase martial arts which never fails to leave audiences begging for more.

8. Scorpion


The series follows reformed computer hacker Walter O’Brien and his international network of high-tech geniuses as they solve crimes, from identity theft to kidnappings.

Taking their clues from chaos theory, a complex field that looks at the interrelatedness of seemingly unrelated events, this team solves puzzles where others see chaos.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, these modern-day Sherlock Holmes offers answers in ways conventional detectives can’t even imagine.

Drawing inspiration from actual cases solved by retired FBI agent and renowned cyber security expert Walter O’Brien, Scorpion is an intriguing crime drama with laughs. The show offers suspenseful stories along with comedy relief, so viewers never feel too overwhelmed or bored. 

A major theme of the show revolves around the main character’s dyslexia which makes for interesting story lines about how he hacked into MIT at only fifteen years old when many people thought it was impossible because he was dyslexic.

One thing that sets Scorpion apart from other shows is its use of realistic graphics rather than scenes made up for entertainment purposes.

9. Betas

This is one of the best hacking movies out there.  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who play ambitious stockbrokers on Wall Street during the early 1990s. There are many times when Leo will hack into other people’s computers and steal information from them. 

The film also depicts a handful of newbie hackers as they try to make it in the cutthroat world of high finance. 

If you’re looking for a suspenseful movie that’ll keep you on your toes, then this is the film for you! You might not be able to sleep well after watching it. You might even want to think twice before buying something online again!

10. Intelligence


This is another hacking series, you definitely need to watch.    Not only will it be very entertaining but also informative on a topic that many people don’t know about.  It has a lot of realistic scenes, and it’s definitely one you should watch. 

In this show, they are talking about how the internet was created in the 80s and how it’s grown from there. It’s great for those who want to understand more about technology today because all their conversations are related to the future of technology.

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