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Best Disney Games App For iPhone & iPad (2023)

If you are among those parents whose children hardly give them time. Then it must be difficult for you to spend time and do other productivity work. The fact is that there are many ways to distract your daughter. With the way technology is changing the world, you can easily distract them. With so many tablets for kids and games, your daughter will learn how to spend time with herself.Disney Games App

Here we will be listing the top best Disney games for girls on iOS.

1. Disney NOW 

This is the online streaming feature on the Disney Channel website, and it’s available in App as well. You can use the app to watch episodes of one’s favorite Disney shows from the archived shows, and steam the channel live as well. It also includes games that feature the beloved character of a little girl’s favorite shows. The good thing is that it has a block on it that when enabled, only allows young children to be limited to the Disney Jr. content only.

2. Frozen Free Fall

This Disney game is molded after Disney’s Frozen movie. It comes with a matching puzzle to solve sliding the object pictured on the screen around. You will get to see new characters like Ana, Elsa, and others. The game has up to 1000 levels to play which will surely keep your girls busy. It’s free to download and it works on all devices as well. However, you will also get some in-App purchases.

3. Where’s My Water? 2.

This is an excellent Disney game to help your daughter’s brain grow. It comes with a different puzzle which is mentally challenging. The games will keep your daughter busy as it comes with different levels and many other challenges as well.

4. Disney Jr. Appisodes

This game is every girl desires to play. It’s entertaining and it’s enriched with interactive shows and books featuring all your favorite Disney, Pixar, and Marvel friends. The game will keep your daughter busy as it comes with fully interactive Disney Junior shows filled with games and activities.  There are also 150 eBooks that you can take part in.

5. Disney Emoji Blitz

The Disney Emoji Blitz comes with emojis from all of the Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars movies which you can make matches with and earn prizes, complete missions, and get new emojis. It features thousands of emojis and you can also challenge your friend on the game. Additionally, it comes with an option which you can use to chat with your friends as well.

6. Maleficent Free Fall

This game is based on the movie Maleficent and the Freefall version is the newest and the best as well. You can cast Maleficent’s green magic on the board to remove all of the green gemstones, or you can call down Maleficent’s raven to rearrange the board. Although the game is free for download, it comes with an in-app feature that you will need to purchase to enjoy the game.

7. Beauty & the Beast Stickers

This Disney Game isn’t particularly a game, it’s a Sticker App. The app are fairly easy enough for your child to use. All she needs to do is to install it and then your child can use stickers from the famous disney movie in all messenger apps. The App costs $1,99 on iTunes and it does not have in-app purchases.

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