Best Credit Card with Airport Lounge Access in UAE and Dubai

Best Credit Card with Airport Lounge Access in UAE: Whenever you need some peaceful space without loud public announcements at the airport, the only place that comes to your mind is the airport lounge.

Most airport lounges are accessible by all customers as far as they have their credit cards. Thus one of the travel benefits offered by some credit cards is access to the airport lounge.

Below are the Best Credit Card with Airport Lounge Access in UAE and Dubai

Credit Card with Airport Lounge Access in UAE

1. HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC  credit cards offer free airport lounges that can be accessed directly or by using LoungeKey membership. This card offers unlimited access to the selected airport lounges under LoungeKey for free.

Each Guest of the cardholder can access the airport lounge by paying for a USD 27 LoungeKey.

2. ADCB Credit Cards

ADCB Credit Cards provides amazing travel benefits to its customers. Cardholders can register themselves for lounge key membership free of charge and get 3 free access(per year) to 800+ lounges globally. Guests accompanying the cardholder can be charged USD 27

3. ADIB Cards

ADIB cards offer several travel benefits. It offers up to  850+ access to airport lounges globally. The airport lounges can be accessed through  LoungeKey, Mastercard, etc.

4. American Express Credit Cards

AMEX Credit card requires no charge on entering an airport lounge in Dubai and UAE. Guests accompanying the cardholders may be charged some entry fees but AMEX supplementary credit cardholders are eligible to utilize complimentary lounge benefits at zero cost.

5. Mashreq Credit Cards

Mashreq Credit Cards offers 8 complimentary airport lounge access per year. Free access to the lounge is only provided if the annual fees are paid.

6. Emirates NBD Credit Cards

Cardholders can access an airport lounge either on using their Emirates NBD card either through MasterCard App or LoungeKey.

Through Mastercard app– Cardholders are provided with free refreshments and access to the top 10 airport lounges in UAE, Egypt, etc.

Through LoungeKey

Here, there is free enrollment for LoungeKey membership. When you present yourself as LoungeKey customer, you will get unlimited free entries to 800+ airport lounges. Accompanying guests are charged $27 each.

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