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Best Coordinates for Pokémon Go 2023

Are you looking to get an edge on your Pokémon Go game in 2023? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will discuss some of the best coordinates for Pokémon Go in 2023. 

We’ll be covering the most desirable areas to search, the rarest Pokémon that can be found there, and tips and tricks to help you maximize your Pokémon Go experience. Read on to learn more about the best coordinates for Pokémon Go in 2023!

The List

Here is a list of the top coordinates for Pokémon Go in 2023.

  1. New York City, USA: 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W
  2. Tokyo, Japan: 35.6895° N, 139.6917° W
  3. Paris, France: 48.8566° N, 2.3522° E
  4. London, UK: 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W
  5. Los Angeles, USA: 34.0522° N, 118.2437° W
  6. Barcelona, Spain: 41.3851° N, 2.1734° E
  7. Berlin, Germany: 52.5200° N, 13.4050° E
  8. Hong Kong: 22.3964° N, 114.1095° E
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands: 52.3667° N, 4.8945° E
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 22.9068° S, 43.1729° W 

These locations are prime spots to catch rare Pokémon and battle with friends in 2023! Make sure to use these coordinates when setting up your Pokémon Go game this year!

How to Join

First and foremost, you need to create an account to join Pokémon Go. To do this, head over to the official website and follow the instructions for setting up an account. Once you’ve got your account set up, you can start searching for the best coordinates in your area.

In order to find the best coordinates for Pokémon Go 2023, we recommend using websites such as The Silph Road, PokéMapper, or Pokémon Go Map.

These sites allow users to view a live map of their city, pinpointing coordinates where rare Pokémon may be found. Additionally, some of these websites provide useful information about when certain Pokémon are available, as well as which items may be found at each location.

Once you’ve identified a few coordinates in your area, you’ll need to be prepared with the right equipment. Make sure you have a reliable smartphone with plenty of battery life and a sturdy pair of shoes for exploring!

Now that you’re ready to join the hunt, it’s time to get out there and find the best coordinates for Pokémon Go 2023! Good luck and happy hunting!

Areas With High Densities Of Specific Types of Pokémon

The Pokémon Go universe is an ever-evolving one and with each new generation, there are bound to be some changes and surprises. One such surprise comes in the form of high concentrations of specific types of Pokémon appearing in certain areas. 

These areas can provide great rewards for trainers who are looking to complete their Pokédex or who just want to get their hands on rare Pokémon.

So where are these areas? We’ve compiled a list of the best locations around the world for trainers to find various types of Pokémon. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Water Types: Coastal regions are typically home to high concentrations of water-type Pokémon such as Squirtle, Psyduck, Krabby, and Magikarp. Some notable hotspots include the Gulf Coast of Texas and Florida, the Mediterranean Sea, and the east coast of Japan.
  • Grass Types: Grass-type Pokémon can be found in abundance throughout forests and jungles across the globe. The Amazon rainforest, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Central America all boast large populations of grass-type Pokémon such as Bulbasaur, Oddish, and Exeggcute.
  • Fire Types: Fire-type Pokémon are most commonly found in volcanic regions and active volcanoes. Some popular spots include the volcanoes of Mexico and Hawaii, as well as the region around Mt. Fuji in Japan. 
  • Flying Types: Flying type Pokémon can be found in large numbers near open fields and wide expanses of sky. The Great Plains in North America and Australia’s Outback are two excellent locations for catching flying types like Pidgey, Spearow, and Butterfree.
  • Psychic Types: Psychic-type Pokémon thrive in urban environments, so if you’re looking for Abra, Slowpoke, or Drowzee, then your best bet is to head to a city like Tokyo or New York.

With this information in mind, trainers can now go out and search for rare and powerful Pokémon in areas with high densities of specific types! Good luck out there!

How to Play

Playing Pokémon Go is fairly easy and intuitive, but there are some tips that can help you become a pro!

  1. Get to know the map: The main map in Pokémon Go displays all of the PokéStops, Gyms, and nearby Pokémon. It also has a compass at the top that you can use to orient yourself when you’re out and about.
  2. Catch ‘em all: You can catch as many Pokémon as you want. When a wild Pokémon appears on your map, just tap it to enter battle mode. Throw a Poké Ball at the target to try and catch it.
  3. Power up your Pokémon: Once you catch a Pokémon, you can power it up with Stardust and Candy. Powering up your Pokémon increases its Combat Power (CP), which makes it more powerful in Gym battles and Raids.
  4. Take on Gyms and Raids: Gyms are locations where you can battle other players’ Pokémon to try and take control of the Gym for your team. Raids allow you to team up with other trainers to battle against incredibly powerful Pokémon. Defeating Raid bosses rewards you with valuable items such as Rare Candies and Golden Razz Berries.
  5. Trade and make friends: Trading is a great way to get rare or powerful Pokémon. You can trade Pokémon with friends or strangers, and even send gifts to each other. You can also join a local community or meet up to make friends with other Pokémon Go players in your area.

How to use in-game features like the “Nearby” tracker to find Pokémon

The “Nearby” tracker in Pokémon Go is a great way to find out which Pokémon are in your vicinity. This feature allows you to see which Pokémon are nearby and how far away they are. It can be found in the lower right corner of the main game screen, indicated by three footprints.

When you tap on this feature, you’ll be taken to a page that displays all the Pokémon that are within range of your current location. This page will show all the Pokémon in the order of closest to furthest away. You can also see how close they are by the number of footprints displayed next to each one. 

You can then zoom into a specific area on the map and see which Pokémon are in that area. This makes it easier to figure out where you need to go if you want to catch a certain type of Pokémon. 

You can also look for lures or Pokéstops which can increase your chances of finding specific types of Pokémon. 

By using the “Nearby” tracker, you can quickly determine which Pokémon are around you and make sure you don’t miss any rare or special ones. It’s a great tool for finding the best coordinates for Pokémon Go 2023!

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