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Are Smartphone Motherboards Repairable?

A smartphone is a digital device and comprises a tiny motherboard that makes it able to perform computing tasks. It connects various components inside the smartphone and enables them to function. Besides that, the motherboard provides these components with the necessary power and enables them to operate independently.

After being exposed to moisture, the motherboard may not be able to function properly. There arises a question “are smartphone motherboards repairable.” Yes, they are, but it depends. The reliable smartphones are those that are repairable. In this post, I will show you how to protect your smartphone against damage and how to fix it if it does get damaged.


Is Every Smartphone Motherboard Repairable?

Some boards are harder to repair than others. A smartphone motherboard has a chip or two missings that need to be replaced in case it is damaged. The motherboard is crucial for the functioning of your smartphone. When it is damaged, your device will not function.  All the other components transmit and receive data through the motherboard.

If you have to pull out the motherboard, it is unlikely that you can repair your phone. Some crucial components like integrated circuits are attached to the motherboard. In addition, the memory, audio, and video chips are also a part of the motherboard. They may be damaged while taking the motherboard out of the smartphone for repair.

Inspecting The Damage

Without the right tools, it can be hectic to find the damage done to the motherboard. Many motherboards can look just fine, but they do not work. In most cases, software checks will determine if your motherboard is okay or not. If it does not power on, take it to the mobile repair shop.

Software checks are a good way to determine whether your device is still functional. A repair lab is the best place to take your device if it does not turn on. It normally takes no more than a half-hour to become a master. To diagnose your phone’s hardware, they will need the right tools.

What Options Are Available?

After arranging the right tools or finding the repair lab, you are all set to go to fix your smartphone motherboard as per the recommendation of demotherboards. You will get to know whether your motherboard needs repair or replacement by looking into it deeply. If you are unaware of what to do, then it is better to take it to a credible repair shop to get the work done.

You cannot fix a fully damaged motherboard. No matter how good your micro-soldering tool and skills are, you cannot repair tiny, damaged parts that are on your old motherboard. The old motherboard should be completely removed from its components and reinstalled on a new one.

Thanks to advances in tech, it is possible to do this type of motherboard transplant. Your device will be able to operate just fine, and you will not have to worry about losing any of your data. Sometimes the damage is beyond the motherboard, and if its extent is at the entire smartphone, then you will have limited options.

It is completely up to you whether you want to take the repair services or not. In most cases, you can repair a damaged or broken device for less than half its retail price. It is often better to buy a new one and use the money you saved to buy a more expensive one.

If the repair cost is reasonable and will make your phone fully functional after repair, you should probably consider having the repair done. Even an utterly busted phone can be functional for parts and data recovery. If your smartphone is damaged, you will need to recover the data you stored on it.

Wrapping it up

The motherboard is an essential and fragile component of any smartphone. Are smartphone motherboards repairable: It can be difficult to fix if damaged, not impossible. You can fix your smartphone’s damaged motherboard if you have the required tools and skills. Still, you can save your important data on your devices if it is beyond repair by replacing the old motherboard with the new one. Consider repairing service if your budget allows you to go for it.

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