Applying For UK Visa From Dubai: All steps involved

There are many reasons associated with the travel people do from Dubai to Uk. It could be for education, business, or pleasure. In any case, the process for the UK Visa is done online and with ease. The only thing it entails is to get the necessary documents ready, then get ready for the interview.

uk visa from dubai

Note: You ought to get your documents and answers right the first time because any rejected applicant will not be able to apply again. In other the avoid mistakes and errors. This article has been initiated to help you immensely secure your UK visa from Dubai.

Applying For Uk Visa From Dubai: All Steps Involved

Step 1. The first thing to do is to download the UK visa form to apply for your trip to Dubai

Step 2: All relevant details must be included in the application form. Eg, The names and details of the people accompanying you. Have in mind that you need to provide some vital information which includes identifying if anyone in your party has an expired UK visa.

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Step 3: Outline your expected date of traveling to the UK in the application form for UK tourist visa from Dubai

Step 4: Make sure you provide the address where you will be staying in the UK, it can be either a hotel as long as you attach the booking voucher and confirm reservation details. This proves will also be important even at the time of the interview.

Step 5: You also have to provide your personal travel history like the place where you have traveled in the past. When doing that, you have to mention the date and the purpose of the travel for all international travel you did for the past 10 years excluding the visit to the UK.

Also if any Visa application to the UK in the last 10 years was rejected the visa authorities will require further details on your travel.

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Step 6: Don’t forget to provide your residential address in UAE and your period of stay at that address.

Step 7: You are untitled to indicate your marital status. If married, Indicate your spouse’s name, also indicate date and place of birth details for parents, children, and other family members as specified in the application form.

Step 8: Don’t forget to provide your employers name your office details, your job descriptions, type of work you undertake and the date you joined underemployment and income

Step 9: Under the column of income and expenditure, kindly indicate your income from all sources and details of a property, savings, monthly living cost, how much of your monthly income goes to dependents. Don’t forget to record the total cost of your proposed to the UK in pounds

Step 10: Mention the total amount you set aside which you will use to travel to the UK in AED currency

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Step 11: You ought to mention the names of family and friends who reside in the UK but if in case you don’t have any friend or family members in the UK, then you have to explain vividly why you want to visit the UK

Step 12: If your intentions are just to visit the UK, make sure you answer NO on the column where you were asked if you intend to work in the UK.

Step 13: To complete filling the form you have to attach all the required documents

Step 14: Don’t forget to pay the application fee online then download and print out the receipt for your record and submissions to Rayna Travels

Step 15: Lastly, submit your application form and supporting documents alongside with the visa fee payment receipt to your authorized Rayna Tours representative.

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