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All Xiaomi Redmi Secret Codes You Should Know

It’s no wonder that in the fast-paced world of smartphones, manufacturers like Xiaomi Redmi continuously seek to provide users with a wealth of features and customization possibilities. While it may access many of these features via the device’s user interface, there is a hidden universe waiting to be explored. We’re talking about secret codes, which are hidden combinations that allow you to access a treasure trove of hidden features, diagnostic tools, and advanced settings.

In this blog post, we will explore the world of Xiaomi Redmi secret codes and the amazing possibilities they provide. Whether you’re a skilled user hoping to unlock hidden features or a curious enthusiast looking to learn more about your device’s capabilities, this guide will equip you with the knowledge of the most useful secret codes for your Xiaomi Redmi device.

So, if you’re ready to go on an adventure, join us as we unearth the secret codes that can take your Xiaomi Redmi experience to the next level. Prepare to unlock your device’s hidden potential and become a super user in no time!

All Xiaomi Redmi Secret Codes You Should Know
All Xiaomi Redmi Secret Codes You Should Know

What are Secret Codes?

Secret codes are a series of numbers or alphanumeric combinations that allow smartphone users to access hidden menus, settings, and diagnostic information. These codes are not widely known by ordinary users and enable access to advanced features and functionalities that are not typically available through the standard user interface.

How to Access Secret Codes on Xiaomi Redmi?

It is simple to gain access to secret codes on your Xiaomi Redmi cellphone. Launch the dialer app on your device and input the code associated with the service or information you want to access. When you enter the code, the secret menu or information will appear on your screen.

Secret Codes for Xiaomi Redmi

Here are some important Xiaomi Redmi device secret codes:

##4636##: Testing Menu

This code gives you access to the testing menu, where you may check your device’s battery health, network statistics, Wi-Fi information, and more. It also allows you to run diagnostic tests on the hardware of your device.

##225##: Call Forwarding Settings

To access the call forwarding settings menu, enter this code. Call forwarding settings can be configured, such as routing incoming calls to another number or activating call forwarding while your device is busy or unreachable.

##6484##: Battery and Charging Information

This code contains detailed information about the battery and charging status of your device. You can examine the charge level, battery health, charging current, and other pertinent information.

##2663##: Touchscreen Sensitivity Test

Run this code on your Xiaomi Redmi handset to test the touchscreen sensitivity. Drawing patterns on the screen helps determine the responsiveness and accuracy of the touchscreen.

##34971539##: Camera Information

This code activates the camera information menu, from which you can obtain specific information about your device’s camera modules, such as sensor resolution, focal length, and other camera-related parameters.

##64663##: Hardware Diagnostic Test

By entering this code, you will start a thorough hardware diagnostic test on your Xiaomi Redmi device. It checks for faults or malfunctions in numerous hardware components such as the display, audio, sensors, and communication modules.

Secret Codes for Xiaomi Redmi

  • ##4636##: Testing Menu
  • ##225##: Call Forwarding Settings
  • ##6484##: Battery and Charging Information
  • ##2663##: Touchscreen Sensitivity Test
  • ##34971539##: Camera Information
  • ##64663##: Hardware Diagnostic Test
  • ##64663##: Hardware Diagnostic Test
  • ##225##: Call Forwarding Settings
  • ##6484##: Battery and Charging Information
  • ##2663##: Touchscreen Sensitivity Test
  • ##34971539##: Camera Information
  • ##64663##: Hardware Diagnostic Test
  • ##64663##: Hardware Diagnostic Test
  • ##225##: Call Forwarding Settings
  • ##6484##: Battery and Charging Information

Unlocking Hidden Features

Accessing Developer Options

Developer options on your Xiaomi Redmi cellphone give you access to advanced settings and functionalities. To activate developer options, navigate to the device settings, scroll down to “About phone,” and repeatedly touch on the “MIUI version” until you receive a message confirming that developer options have been opened.

Enabling USB Debugging Mode

The USB debugging mode on your Xiaomi Redmi device allows it to interface with your PC for sophisticated operations like app building and debugging. Go to developer options and toggle the USB debugging option to activate it.

Activating OEM Unlocking

OEM unlocking allows you to unlock your Xiaomi Redmi device’s bootloader, which is required for advanced customization and installing custom ROMs. Go to developer preferences and toggle the OEM unlocking option to enable it.

Improving Performance with Secret Codes

Clearing Cache Partition

By deleting temporary files and data that may create lag or slow down the system, clearing the cache partition can help enhance the performance of your Xiaomi Redmi device. To remove the cache partition, enter recovery mode by shutting off your device and simultaneously holding the power and volume up buttons. Select the “Wipe cache partition” option from the recovery mode menu.

Resetting App Preferences

Resetting app preferences might help you overcome difficulties with app permissions and settings. Go to device settings, pick “Apps,” and then hit the three-dot menu icon to reset app preferences. From the menu, choose “Reset app preferences.”

Calibrating Sensors

Calibrating sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor on your Xiaomi Redmi cellphone, can increase their accuracy and responsiveness. Some devices may require a secret code to begin sensor calibration. Look for the relevant codes for your device in internet resources or user forums.

Important Precautions

Use Secret Codes with Caution

While secret codes grant access to hidden functions and settings, they should be used with caution. Some settings and features are designed for expert users only, and modifying them without the right understanding may result in troubles or instability on your device.

Backup Your Data

It is critical to back up your data before experimenting with secret codes or changing your device’s settings. This ensures that you have a backup of your critical files and settings if something goes wrong throughout the procedure.

Seek Professional help

If you run into any problems or have any doubts while using secret codes or adjusting your device’s settings, you should seek professional assistance. Authorized service centers or skilled technicians can provide the direction and support required to guarantee a safe and successful experience.


Exploring the world of Xiaomi Redmi secret codes can reveal vital information, unlock hidden features, and improve your entire user experience. You can unlock the full power of your Xiaomi Redmi cellphone with the appropriate codes and precautions. Remember to use these secret codes wisely and to always prioritize your device’s safety and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the secret codes for all Xiaomi Redmi devices the same?

The secret passcode for your Xiaomi Redmi cellphone may differ somewhat depending on the model and MIUI version. You must check the exact codes for your device model before using it.

Can secret codes harm my Xiaomi Redmi device?

Incorrect usage of secret codes or altering settings without adequate knowledge may result in device damage. It is critical to utilize secret codes professionally and with prudence.

How frequently should I delete the cache partition?

When you face performance issues or after installing system upgrades, clear the cache partition. It is unnecessary to do it regularly.

Can I undo the changes done with secret codes?

Most of it can undo modifications made with secret codes by resetting the respective settings to their default defaults. Some adjustments, however, may cause extensive knowledge or professional help.

Will activating developer options void the warranty on my device?

Enabling developer options does not void the warranty on your device. Modifying some settings or installing custom ROMs, on the other hand, may void the warranty. Before you begin, make sure you understand the implications.

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