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8 Best Teleprompter App For iPad & iPhone 2023

These days, It’s no longer television reporters that use Teleprompter. The modern technology has made it easy for content creators, videographers to use a teleprompter to boost their production.

Before we dive in, How Does Teleprompter work? For those that don’t know, the teleprompter is a system that utilizes a glass screen, whose reflective side is mounted on a top of a monitor that displays the prewritten script. With teleprompter apps that are now available for iOS, you can now turn your iPad and iPhone into full monitors or standalone teleprompters.


Below, we will be listing the best Teleprompter app for iPad and iPhone with their review and where to download them.

  1. The teleprompter Pro Lite

The teleprompter Pro Lite

After Pages’ and inbuilt features, this great app has the best basic functionality of a teleprompter. Also, it takes scripts and projecting it to your iPad screen just like a regular teleprompter.

You Must Know, it does allow you to change the speed and also the size of the text on your screen. While its speed can be changed during the run, you cannot change the font size. If you might want to mirror the text which is to be used as a screen for a real teleprompter, you would need to be upgraded to the premium app from the app store.

One thing you are going to notice in the free version, you can either type everything manually or copy it from your drive and then paste it in the app. The premium version also offers Mirror mode, Bluetooth control, and unlimited scripts.

Download Teleprompter Pro Lite  (Free)

2.The Prompster

The Prompster

Prompster is another great free app which help transforms your iPad into a teleprompter. Also, it comes with a simple interface with some few additional features than the previous app. Like you can mirror your iPad text in other to make it compatible with the traditional teleprompter screen. Not only that you can also adjust the speed and also text while running the prompt.

The free version is pretty ok on its own and if decided to upgrade to the premium version, you’ll get audio-video recording feature with no ads.

Download Prompster  Free)

  1. OnCue Teleprompter

OnCue Teleprompter

The OnCue is fantastically designed teleprompter app which is to work with the iPhone and also the iPad. It can be used as a standalone teleprompter or used as an accessory to a more sophisticated rig.

Main features of the app include Rich text editor that gives you more customization options. That you can change fonts and adjust the text size of each word, any iCade Bluetooth controllers. This gives you additional functions like fast-forward and rewind.

Download Parrot (Free)

  1. The PromptSmart Lite

The PromptSmart Lite

The PromptSmart Lite has the most intuitive feature in this list. This functions as a teleprompter but its text scrolls as you are reading it out loud syncs to your speech, and as you are saying a line it listens to your speech and proceeds to the push and the text. If you stop for a while, the teleprompter which also pauses and resumes as you start reading again.

Download PromptSmart Lite (Free)

  1. The Video teleprompter lite

The Video teleprompter lite

The Video Teleprompter lite is an advanced version of a teleprompter app with added features. It enables you to import your scripts from your phone or your iCloud or even other apps. Once you have chosen your file and press next, you are going to get a prompt from your app to allow the camera. This app allows you to record video on the iPad with the teleprompter running right on your screen. You can also see your preview with the prompter making its session easier for recording.

One of the best features in this app that went missing on most of the teleprompter apps is no other than the adjustable text area. When recording a video, you can move your script closer to the camera, so your eyes are picturing directly at the lens while recording.

Download Video Teleprompter Lite (Free)

  1. The BIGVU


The BigVu is the only app in the list which requests an active internet connection to function properly. You will have to log-in with one of your social media accounts or your personal email. Also, the YouTube integration makes it better and you can directly upload videos to your channel.

  1. The Parrot Teleprompter

The Parrot Teleprompter

The Parrot Teleprompter is a simple tool that will turn your device in a professional teleprompter. It also has a wide functionality like:

  • Changing the scroll speed
  • And different text sizes
  • Customizing the visibility of changing foreground and also background colors
  • Creating also an unlimited number of scripts
  • Typing and editing scripts right in the app

Download Parrot (Free)

Which of this are the Best Teleprompter Apps for iPhone?

I must say I prefer the Parrot as a standalone teleprompter app for iPhone /iPad because it has all the essential features of a great teleprompter like the mirroring, speed and the text adjustment.

However, Prompster and Teleprompter Pro Lite do the job just as well. For the Video Teleprompter app, Promptsmart Lite which Works great and BIGVU doesn’t offer the VoiceTrack like feature. Which app did you like the most and how well-scripted videos did you make. Don’t forget to drop some comments in the comment section below.

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