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25 Apps and Sites for Learning and Self-development

After the pandemic, millions of schoolchildren and students will be heading off to educational institutions to acquire knowledge. To get ready for the new school year, it’s no longer enough to buy a new pencil case and a stack of notebooks. That’s why we’ve selected the best free apps and websites for the start of the school year. There will be one paid app, though. And yes, there won’t be a VPN on this list.

By the way, phd thesis writers who prepared this list were guided by three criteria: usefulness, localization, and free distribution. Some apps may be familiar, as they are originally installed on the iPhone. Others may be a revelation and be useful not only for students and pupils. The apps are sorted to make it easier for you to choose something for your productivity.


For Scheduling

For scheduling


This free app will help you easily navigate your schedule, even if it’s two weeks long. It will also help you keep track of your assignments. The app can be pimped for $1 for additional functionality


The native iOS app can also be used for scheduling and time planning because it’s great. With this app, you can be able to make the most of your time. The Google calendar for example allows users to get free reminders on special days like Christmas, New Year, and many more.

For Notes



Native iOS app. Write down useful information and share it with friends. Use it all the time. With this app, you can easily note down your important event, task, number, address, and many other things that you would not like to forget. A note is essential for everyone not just for learning alone but for noting down important events.


If you don’t already know about Evernote, you should try this organizer. For most of the cool features, you will need to buy a subscription (from 65 UAH/month). One good thing about this Evernote app is that you can easily use it offline. Apart from that, it also comes with other formatting features that you will need to keep your note clean and neat.

Google Keep

You will need a Google account for these notes. The account is free, the notes are convenient and also free. Just as the name suggests, this is a Google-owned app that allows users to write and note down important things. One good thing about this Google Keep is that it will keep your note for you and you can access them anytime, anywhere on any device when you login with your account

For Reminders

reminders Apps


Native iOS app. If you put a date and time in your reminders, your device is sure to remind you of important business. Reminders without a date or time work like shopping lists. Many of you would agree with me that forgetting things is part of every human shortcoming. Well, with the reminder app on your device, you don’t have to worry about forgetting that important event or special day.

Any. do.

Reminders for everything. Free use (you can skip the subscription) only limits the number of devices and design themes. Yes, this is another app that keeps you reminded about what you intend to do at any given time. It’s useful for learning and self-development.


Free app for regular and occasional tasks with subscription-based enhancements. This is a site in a null shell that will help anybody to organize their life and work. It comes with so many features that you will surely need to carry out any task on your own.

For Presentations

presentations Apps


Let’s create and share colorful presentations online. The interface is very simple and the visuals are stunning. Go to – Get Started – Basic to use it for free. The iOS app allows you to view presentations. With this app, you are surely going to deliver your presentation smoothly without any hindrance.


The native app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’s where Apple employees create their product presentations. Yes, the keynote is another amazing app that will make your presentation easy and effortless. The app is available on iOS and Android as well.

Google Slides

Free. You need a Google account. Well, with this app, you can create online slideshows. You can make a beautiful presentation using this app. One of the advantages of using Google Slides is that it secures and you can easily share it across any device anytime.

To remember



Free app from Duolingo. Allows you to create cards and train your memory. With this app, you can create a card on your device and you can also use it to train your memory, so you won’t forget.


Allows you to do the same thing as Tinecards, but not as pretty as the first. However, the app is nice on its own, and it’s very easy to navigate and use. You don’t need any technical know-how before you can use the app to create a card and train your memory.

For Learning Languages

learning languages apps


If you want to learn a new language but haven’t heard of this app, download it! You might think, what’s the need of learning a new language when you are still in your own region? Well, the need will arrive when you intend to travel to another land. Remember, language is a great barrier in terms of communication. So you surely need an app to learn the new language of the place you are going to.


Help you learn English grammar. Even as I’m writing this article now, I’m using Grammarly to check my spelling. Apart from checking your spelling, Grammarly also helps you to correct wrong sentences. It’s available for Mac, Window and you can also install the extension on your Desktop or laptop. For Android users, Grammarly is available on the Play Store.

For Brainstorming

brainstorms apps


Free will help you organize any information. Too bad we didn’t know about the app before making this list. Many people use this app to create a nice workflow for their project or new Job. You just need to give it a try.


Allows you to create mind maps (mind maps). Ideal for structuring and updating information. Apart from the popular road Google Map we know, do you also know that you can create a mind map? A Map that will keep your mind focused so that you can achieve your goal.

For visualizing Data

visualizing data apps


The only paid app on our list is $2.99. And it’s a must-have knowledge base and algorithms.

A website for beautiful and unusual data visualizations if regular tables aren’t enough for you.

For calculations

calculations apps


Draws charts on Mac (there are also Windows/Linux versions)

Free Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator. Draws 2D charts. For those who don’t mind advertising. Students will find this app useful especially those that love to draw charts when solving maths.

Quick Graph

Another graphing calculator. Does the same as the previous one, but prettier and in 3D. Can be improved for $2.99.

Visual Math 4D.

A 4D graphing calculator. For the most complex calculations. With this app, you can carry out the most complex calculator that ordinary you cant do with the preinstalled calculator on your phone. So this is a must-have app for students.

For career starters.


A professional social networking site to help with your first job search, major or otherwise. This app has helped and still helping millions of people across the world to find a Job. You can find a local Job using the app and you can also get a remote well-paying Job as well.

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