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2023 Dubai Government Jobs And Salary

Dubai Government Jobs And Salary: Dubai is the second wealthiest emirate in the UAE, Dubai is known nationwide as one of important trade and tourist destination with its port (Jebel Ali). It can be referred to as the cynosure of export trade in the Middle East.

All this began with the introduction of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in 2004, Dubai developed as a global hub for service industries such as IT and finance. Most people believe that majority of Dubai revenue emerged from oil but to be candid it is just a moderate amount of oil reserves that were used to generate the required infrastructure for trade.

Facts still remain that most of the Dubai’s revenue over 95% revenue emanates from the non-oil base such as Dubai Internet City, along with Dubai Media City forms the TECOM (Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority), which is an enclave who houses well-known IT firms such as EMC Corporation, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Oracle Corporation and IBM, and media organizations such as BBC, MBC, CNN, Reuters, and Sky News.

All these are an establishment that yields lots of profit and which citizens and non-citizens of Dubai engage themselves to make a standard living out from it. Prior to that, due to the bad economy of some countries, some citizens have resorted to migrating to another country in search of greener pastures, just to make ends meet if not for any other thing just to put food on their table.

In the light of modern discovery, virtually every day, people from different parts of the world migrate to Dubai in search of greener pasture especially because of its economy. We discovered that some employers in Dubai normally pay in different currencies and many factors can contribute to it.

Note: The United Arab Emirate and most of the Middle East is tax-free and pays above the norm, that is the main reason people are rushing to go there.

Not only that, but we also discovered that they pay upwards of 30% more than what you earn in the western world or Asia and there is no tax. Sometimes the employer can pay for your housing and allowance indeed working in Dubai is really enjoyable

In this article we will be looking at various jobs in Dubai and its monthly worth, meaning the salaries attached to it per month.

Dubai oil

Dubai Government Jobs And Salaries

Job Title                                                                      Salary 

  • Software engineer.                                                  15000-55000 AED
  • Chemical engineer                                                    10000-27000 AED
  • Cabinetmaker                                                          1000-2500 AED
  • Carpenters.                                                               1500-4000 AED
  • Construction inspector.                                             6000- 15000 AED
  • Construction manager.                                              22000-55000 AED
  • Construction supervisor.                                            14000-45000 AED
  • Construction Estimator.                                             15000-40000 AED
  • Architectural Drafter.                                                  10000-22000 AED
  • Electrician.                                                                 10000-16000 AED
  • Plumbers                                                                    2000-5000 AED
  • Accountants.                                                              10000-26000 AED
  • Bank Teller.                                                                 5000-11000 AED
  • Cashiers                                                                     3000-4000 AED
  • Hardware engineers.                                                   10000-18000 AED
  • Customer service rep.                                                 6000-10000 AED
  • Project engineer.                                                         20000-50000 AED
  • Finance manager                                                        14000- 36000 AED
  • Marketing manager.                                                    7000-48000 AED
  • Dental assistant                                                           5000-9000 AED
  • Physiotherapist                                                           7000-15000 AED
  • Pharmacist.                                                                7000-14000 AED
  • Nurses.                                                                     8000-15000 AED
  • Carpenters.                                                                6000-10000 AED
  • Sales manager                                                            12000-45000 AED


I am strongly convinced that this article will help you immensely especially when looking for a well-paying job In Dubai because we discovered that when looking for a job many people have asked a rhetorical question like ‘ what type of salary will I command Indeed this article will help you a whole lot

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    Ralf Kalejasays:

    May 14, 2023 at 11:37 pm

    Hört sich alles toll an ; welche Chance hat man als Früh – Pensionär mit nun leider 63 in VAE ?? Chancen nur mit ca. 30 J . ……
    War bei der Telekom ; Satellitenfunktechnik / Telekommunikation . Habe als Gasthörer der Uni Hagen ET studiert und aus Kanülen GHz – Hochfrequenzbauteile entwickelt ; ca. 800 GHz . ( evtl. nutzbar für Dissertation ) …. dazu Profi – Lehrgänge für EB – Videokamera und Hörfunk etc ….
    Jobs eher Illusion ( für Senioren ) …….
    Siehe dazu CQ VFDB 1996 / 7 ; GHz …. DL2OBN .

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