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10 Must-Have Apps for Your iPhone

What runs a phone? The Apps!! No doubt that apps are the basic functional characteristics of a phone. There are essential apps that are mandatory for the phone to function. 

On the other hand, comes the important or ‘’must have’’ apps. These apps make the performance of your phone better. When it comes to iPhone there are several apps that you might need for more smooth functioning. 

Let us give u a brief guide on some must-have apps for your iPhone. We ensure you that this list will be really helpful for you. So keep scrolling the article.

1. Express VPN for iPhone

Breaking our list of must-have apps for iPhone, the first one is Express VPN for iPhone. Raising an eyebrow for its №1 ranking in this list? 

Well, it for sure has earned its stellar reputation.

Express VPN for iPhone

Let’s see why ExpressVPN’s review is favorable and check the features that bestow it its outstanding repute.

  • Good speed: first thing first, a VPN should have an excellent speed of the connection. Express VPN has a dynamic speed. Woho!! The first check is approved.  
  • Security features: whenever logging in to a VPN, the foremost concern is ‘’security’’. Of course, you want your activity to be secure and privacy to be severed. This trait is for the sure present in Express VPN. 
  • Worldwide working: there are many VPNs that have restricted connection liberty, for instance, many VPNs do not work in China. But Express VPN does!! And that too with smoothness, no connectivity issues.  z
  • Multiple device links: what else you would like to have in an app than to function as a multiple link provider? You can connect Express VPN to 5 different devices at a time. Amazing, isn’t it?!

2. BillGuard


You know it is really a fuss to track your finances and keep a steady record of them, but with this genius app you need not worry about it. 

This app takes all the headaches of plus minus of your finances along with reminders to your payable dates.  

It helps you as in:

  • Being a handy tool for iPhone users to manage their bank and accounts stuff with ease
  • It also facilitates the billing procedures.
  • Helps you to track down expenditures 
  • Also warns about irregular spending so that you don’t cut down your own pocket, lol!
  • And it does it all for free. Cheers!! 

3. Zillow


Isn’t it such a task to find a place to live or rent out? Zillow is a free app for iPhone users. It is very friendly to use, it assists you in finding the best real estate in your area. 

Seems like it is a divine app that sets you hassle-free and you can easily locate your desired place/property with it.

4. Buffer


Looking for an app that can help you schedule your social media activity, such as when to Instagram your selfie for max reach or the best time to make a tweet?

Buffer is the app of the day for this purpose. It is completely free and works efficiently. Get it and get your life sorted. 

5. Dashlane


This is an Online era and the world is just a global village. People like to make purchases while sitting on their cozy couches. 

This is a free iPhone app that is a must-have because it does:

  • Help you to make safe and mindful purchasing
  • Saves payments and confirmation emails
  • Also saves the receipts 

6. Fooducate


The next one on our list of must-haves is Fooducate. It seems like an injustice to not mention a health app. This app will resolve all your Food and diet-related tasks fuss.

It will grade all the food items on basis of calories so that you can easily make a healthy meal of your choice. Get this free app for all the food advice. 

7. Dropbox


Dropbox maintains its ranking and repute as usual at the finest. It allows iPhone users to save and view files on multiple devices with ease like no other application. 

It still is a competition to many of its new rivalries. It is also free of cost. 

8. Duolingo 


This smart app is really helpful for language translation. It is a free-of-cost app for language learning. This app will get you tension-free from the language barriers.

You can learn any language of your choice with greater ease. There is also a premium version for further updates.

9. Shazam


Is there any song buzzing in your mind that you cannot remember the title of it? Oh, honey, that’s no issue anymore cause with Shazam you can find any song that you just heard or it pooped up in your mind.

This music discovery app is free to use and you can build a huge music library on it.  

10. Spotify


Looking for the best music app out there? Your search ends here with none other than Spotify. This surely is a must-have app for iPhone as it gives you easy access to the world of music.

There is also a premium version of this app. It helps you make a friend network based on your music likes, and people who suggest different music are your therapists. Enjoy the app!!

We hope you really liked the list of must-have apps for iPhone and it will help you build better app storage. 

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