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10 Cyber Security TV Series and Shows You Need to Watch in 2023

What are the Cyber Security TV Series and Shows You Need to Watch in 2023, we”ve done the research for you. Cyber security technology and its implementations have been rapidly evolving over the past several years. Each day, cybercriminals are testing out new methods to extort money from victims or steal information from businesses and private citizens alike. 

In order to stay ahead of these criminals, you need to stay on top of the latest advancements in cyber security as well as learn from others’ mistakes so that you can thwart hackers before they can do any damage to your business or your personal data.

1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Imagine being told that you could see every moment of your future. That’s the premise behind Black Mirror, a British show by Charlie Brooker. Most episodes are standalone stories but some intertwine with one another across seasons. 

In a 2011 episode titled The Entire History of You, for example, the protagonist is able to replay his memories via an implant that he originally bought because he couldn’t remember anything due to brain trauma; it becomes a curse when everyone else can access these recordings, including his wife.

2. The Matrix

The Matrix

In The Matrix, we see hackers (Neo, Trinity, and Cypher) rerouting phone calls between two unsuspecting subjects. But the more simple way that the show portrays hacking is via an overlay of windows on top of the screen, which one character uses to control the military’s missiles.  

Other scenes include a hacker downloading files from a computer by attaching a wire to it. It’s not perfect for learning about cyber security, but it does contain some interesting snippets about how hackers operate and how they work with computers.

3. The IT Crowd

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

Set in the offices of Reynholm Industries, an IT department with slightly less than half its department outsourced, this show is a comedy masterpiece. Focusing on two geeks who are utterly brilliant at what they do but don’t understand how people interact with them, this show feels like it knows the world it is depicting and doesn’t want you to miss a thing. 

4. Scorpion

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

Based on the award-winning Walter O’Brien character, Scorpion tells the story of a team of geniuses who have solved every problem imaginable–except one: themselves. The only way they can solve that is if they use their amazing brainpower to protect against cyber-threats and save the world, or at least figure out what’s wrong with each other. 

Their main task is protecting all national data from online threats such as viruses, terrorism, hacker attacks, and natural disasters. They do this by monitoring everything from major companies to average people. They are trying to find the mastermind behind these cyberattacks before he or she destroys the world.

5. Hackers

This show tells the story of a group of hackers who steal identities, break into banks, infiltrate companies’ computer systems, and make millions. Hackers debuted on the ABC Network back in 1996. The show has been renewed for its fifth season set to air this year. 

Its creator recently expressed interest in continuing the series beyond five seasons. One of the biggest mysteries is how these guys managed to steal so much data without getting caught by law enforcement for over two decades! What will they do next? Tune in to find out.

6. IT Network

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

If you’re looking for a comedy that can make you laugh while still educating you on some of the most popular cyber security topics, the IT Crowd is a great option. The show follows three tech nerds who work at a company known as Reynholm Industries. 

They have trouble with office politics and deal with hackers constantly, but they get themselves out of every situation without breaking a sweat. It’s not too hard to watch because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so don’t expect anything too intense or educational.

7. Mr.Robot

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

Mr. Robot is a show about Elliot, a cyber security engineer who falls into the world of hacking. He teams up with his coworker Darlene to change the world. But all is not as it seems as Mr. Robot shows us what’s wrong with our society by exploiting the negative aspects of technology like emotional manipulation through social media, smart devices, and so on. Now he wants revenge and will stop at nothing to make the rich pay for their misdeeds, regardless of how many lives are lost in the process.

This series features some pretty slick special effects that add intensity and suspense while showcasing some surprisingly good acting performances from Rami Malek (Elliot) and Christian Slater (Mr.

8. Person of Interest

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

In the world of cyber security, it is important to see from different perspectives. That is why Person of Interest stands out. Here, viewers get access to the mind of a machine that tracks potential threats and decides whether or not it has a person’s best interest at heart. 

In some ways, this series is more emotional than suspenseful because the machine has no thoughts for its own safety. 

The Machine just does what is required until its duty is fulfilled – whatever that may be. It could be saving people or sending them into an early grave. Either way, you’ll have a front-row seat to observe the mental process of being always on.

9. CSI Cyber

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

CSI: Cyber was a great show on CBS. It followed a group of high-tech crime experts at the FBI’s cybercrime division. Jorja Fox starred as the head of the division, and her character’s unit deals with all types of crimes from internet harassment to cyberespionage. 

The show was canceled in 2016, but you can still find it on Netflix if you’re interested. Another popular show about cyber security is Mr. Robot, which just came back for its third season. 

One of the best things about this series is that each episode focuses on different hacking tactics or new developments in computer science and hacking culture that seem realistic for what could happen in our future.

10. Chuck

Cyber Security TV Series and Shows

Chuck is one of the movies about cyber security and technology you need to watch in 2022.  The show follows a Buy More employee who becomes a spy, aided by his CIA friend, Jimmy. The show explores the world of tech and hacking. It has been on air since 2007.  

Some say that it was ahead of its time when it comes to portrayals of technology and privacy. There are 4 seasons with 92 episodes. 

It has not been renewed for another season yet but there are rumors it will be renewed soon because the last episode left off with a cliffhanger.


Many of the best cyber security TV series are available on streaming services such as Netflix.  In addition, some networks have begun to produce their own original content. The list above includes 10 of the best shows about cyber security that have aired or will air in 2022.

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