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10 Best Tattoo Design Apps for Android And iOS

Tattoos are an age-long way of accessorizing, and you’ve got people doing it for various reasons, ranging from beautification to symbolic representation, and a whole lot of reasons in between. For whatever it is people get tattoos, it always had to involve physically getting under the needle, and when you’ve got one, it’s with you forever.

Tattoo design apps are a thing now, and these enable you to get a tattoo without having the actual needle on your skin. They are applied to your photos, and would make you look like you have a real tattoo; here are some of the best Tattoo Design Apps for Android you can get right now.

tattoo design apps

1. Tattoo Designs

One of the finest Tattoo Design you can find in the Play Store. It’s got over a thousand designs to choose from. You’ve got stylish designs like Phoenix, Animal, and Tribal, and they are unisex designs and you can have them anywhere on your body.

2. Tattoo for Photo

This is another good Tattoo Design App for Android. It gives you access to around 500 stickers that are suitable for men and women. You just download the app, select your picture and add your favorite sticker, it has built-in effects that make it match your photo.

3. Tattoo My Photo

This app stays true to the idea of getting a tattoo without the pains of the needle. It’s a pretty easy app to use and gives you the opportunity to add 1 or more tattoos to a photo. It’s one of best tattoo app you can find on Android.

4. InkHunter

This is a tattoo app with a bit more feature. It allows you to make a sketch of your own tattoo, and edit it right there on the app. You can even see your tattoo design in augmented reality, to see how it fits. It’s a good tattoo app, and it’s available for Android users.

5. Tattoo My Photo Editor 2.0

This is the tattoo app to get if you want macho tattoos, it gives you both offline and online designs to choose from, and can be applied anywhere on the body. This is the tattoo to get if you want some manly digital tattoo designs.

6. Tattoodo

Tattoodo is a tattoo app that gives you access to the latest tattoo trends. With the app, you can find tattoo shops that are near you, and you can also find videos and articles on the latest tattoo trends. You can also upload your tattoo designs too.

7. Virtual Tattoo on Body

This is a very useful tattoo app, allowing you to add a wide range of tattoos on your pictures. The app even makes smart suggestions on where you can suitably add a tattoo design on your body.

8. Tattoo Maker

This is the tattoo app to get for some really stylish tattoo designs; available online and offline. It supports many languages and is a great tattoo design app overall.

9. Tattoo Designs! HD Ink for Tattoos & Wallpapers

Get this app for your High Definition Tattoo designs. It’s got a thousand plus designs that are free to download.

10. Tattoo for Boy 2019

This tattoo app is not only for boys alone, as the name might suggest, but for girls and couples too! With over 500 tattoo designs and 20+ categories to choose from, this is a solid tattoo app to consider.

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