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10 Best Sudoku Apps for iPhone and Android

Sudoku apps as we all know has been one of the best games of all time thus it has been surviving in the game apps lineage notwithstanding the evolving nature of game apps. Sudoku has sustained its durability due to its user-interactive and cognitive nature.

It was baptized by a Japanese publisher, Nikoli Co., Ltd., as Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru, which can be roughly translated to “the digits must occur only once” and was then shortened to Sudoku.

It’s a very simple yet challenging number game. You have to use your intelligence and place numbers in the given grid. Earlier you would find games like Sudoku in newspapers but with time the apps for such games became available for Android and iPhone.

There are no additions, or multiplications of numbers here, so you don’t need any skills to play it. It will improve your logical ability, reasoning, and control over numbers. Below, I will be presenting you with the 10 best Sudoku apps for Android and iPhone.

Best Sudoku Apps For iOS and Android

1. sudoku iPhone

Sudoku iPhone is one of the best Sudoku app games for iPhone and here in this application, you can discover the next evolution of Sudoku with its amazing graphics, ease to use, and animations. This app is a puzzle-oriented game that sharpens our brains within a few days.

Download sudoku iPhone

2. Sudoku iPhone

This is one of the most popular and best Sudoku apps on iPhones and this app will train your brain anytime and anywhere in your pass time. It has 4 different levels which include easy, medium, hard, and expert. This Sudoku app can highlight duplicates and has many other intrinsic features embedded in it.

3. Sudoku android

This is a DotFinger sudoku Game that provides you with a new Sudoku puzzle game in order to challenge your brain. This is the best way to pass your time in an interesting way and will keep you entertained. This app will give your brain good exercise.

Download Sudoku Android

4. Sudoku android

This sudoku comes with 4 difficult levels and it has a great intuitive interface. it has an easy-to-use interactive function right at your fingertips. This app will also provide you with a feature of hints, auto-check, highlight, and duplicates which will make your game quite easy for you.

5. Free Android sudoku

Kieter lab is the sole creator of this app and it will train your brain, improve your concentration, and will make you have fun with this best Sudoku game. This app allows you to play in classic mode or in standard mode. it has a colorful sudoku board, easy to read interface, and will make you forget about boring Sudoku

Download Free Android Sodoku

6. Andoku sudoku2

This sudoku app game is the best offline sudoku app for Android users. This app packs 10,000 puzzles with six variations of sudoku and eight levels of difficulty. There are also autosave features, automatic error checking, and pencil mark compatibility among other great features

7. Sudoku fun

This is an Android sudoku app game that gives fun-filled joy when used. It’s user interface makes it easy to play the game. There is the tracking of your best scores and one has hints to help solve the puzzles.

Download Sudoku Fun


This sudoku android game offers exactly what its name implies. This game app has a daily challenge which makes it an everyday game.

9. Sudoku free(

This is one of the logical thoughts of enhancer games which have various game modes. it is all presented with awesome graphics, controls, and user tips.

10. Sudoku II

This is an updated version of sudoku games that comes with manual instructions, pause and continue level options, various modes, and levels. it rekindles logical awareness in its players.

Download Sudoku II

  1. Sudoku FM

sudoku FM

The mobile-friendly website offers Sudoku absolutely free. Additionally, Sudoku FM offers players a look into the history of the game, as well as a detailed rulebook and illustrated gameplay guides. Sudoku FM is a perfect site for players of all skill levels as players can choose from difficulties ranging from easy to inhuman.

Visit Sudoku FM

From all our research, the above 11 sudoku app games are the best of all time. Enjoy and have and have awesome moments without any problems.

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