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10 Best Free SMS and Fake Phone Number Verification Apps

There are times when you need to prove that you have a phone number, but you don’t have one to provide. This can happen when you’re setting up an account on some random website, or when someone asks you to sign up for some service and all they’ll give you is an email address. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of free apps that let you generate phone numbers, both local and toll-free, and even allow you to send SMS messages through them so that it looks like the message came from the number itself. These are my 10 favorites.

1. Next Plus

The best way to verify a phone number is through the use of a code. Next Plus allows you to create unique and self-generated verification codes with ease. You can also export your generated codes or even share them with friends so they can get verified too! 

With Next Plus, there’s no more need for pesky questions like What is your favorite color? when it comes to verifying phone numbers. It takes about 10 seconds to get verified on Next Plus, which is awesome if you are in a hurry.

2. Text Plus

TextPlus is a Google-based app that lets you send text messages over wifi, which means that you can use the app even if you have a poor signal or no signal at all. The app has security measures to ensure that hackers cannot access your account information in any way, including a proprietary algorithm to help prevent brute force attacks. 

You can also buy credits to text internationally.  Additionally, texting is not limited to just sending texts; you can set up alerts for yourself for any kind of notification you want – like when a package arrives. 

With an in-app browser, it’s easy to check websites on the go without having to worry about data charges. 

For some people, this could be useful because they are always away from their phones and never miss anything important since they receive notifications as soon as they happen. 

However, other people may find that this takes too much effort and time, preferring instead to pay attention only to what happens when they’re near their phone. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and what is more convenient for the individual user.

3.  Talkatone

When it comes to free texting apps, they can be hard to find. Talkatone is an example of a great, free app that has many more features than just texting. The texting component is easy to use and supports groups, smileys, emojis, attachment support, one-tap responses, and more. 

The best part? You don’t have to worry about ever running out of credits because you get as many messages as you want! It’s also possible to send messages without using your data connection at all by using the WiFi Direct feature on your phone. 

The app is also a great way to make international calls for very low rates.

4. Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

Burner is a virtual phone number app that lets you generate, purchase, burn and share temporary phone numbers. Burner not only gives you access to various phone numbers in various area codes for voice calls and texts but also includes voice mail, on-demand call forwarding to your real number, conference calling up to 50 users at once, text messages without carrier charges, off-the-grid texting for anti-spam purposes as well as an unknown sender feature for every message sent. 

The app provides its own unique area code and goes one step further than other apps by giving out completely fake caller ID information when used with voice mail or outgoing calls. $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year (which comes out to $4.16 per month).

5. Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers

If you’re looking for a phone number that can’t be traced back to you, then Hushed Anonymous is the way to go. Hushed Anonymous is a service of one-time use numbers that are disposable, meaning they don’t save the information of anyone who calls them. 

The site also offers a range of plans with varying prices per month. While many other companies provide this service, what sets Hushed Anonymous apart is that it provides an encrypted voice call option as well. All numbers come with free messaging apps so there’s no need to buy an app like WhatsApp or Viber, which will usually charge money. 

It also has inbuilt blocking features which prevent texts from being sent to your real number by mistake. 

For those times when you want to text someone but not give out your actual number, this is a great feature! With the ability to receive and send messages without giving out any personal information, Hushed Anonymous provides excellent privacy.

For example, if you have some sensitive data on your computer that you want to protect but don’t want others accessing it via screenshot, just send the link via one of their numbers! You won’t have to worry about any security risks whatsoever because everything goes through their servers.

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6. TalkU

One of the more popular ways to handle sending an email is by using a fake phone number. This process is incredibly easy when using the TalkU app. 

Here’s how it works:

-The person who wants to have a text-based verification sets up an account with their e-mail address (to send the texts) and picks a contact they want as the receiver of any messages that come in. The user then enters the recipient’s phone number, selects a time interval for them to be contacted by text, then hits send on the message. 

The recipient will receive a text message from them asking if they would like to verify their phone number so messages can continue being sent via TalkU. They reply back yes or no. If yes, their phone is verified, and if not, their request will be denied. There are two options for the recipient of this text message: Yes or No.

7. 2ndLine

2ndLine is another fake phone number verification app you should consider.  In addition to verifying your phone number, the service will also give you a disposable email address with a catch: any emails sent to that address are deleted immediately after being read. 

You can also use this service to mask your real email address in case you’re worried about spam or simply want some peace of mind while browsing the web. Second Line does not offer an Android app but does have iOS and Web versions. 

The app costs $4.99 for unlimited monthly subscriptions or $6.99 for a one-time purchase (Android only).

8. Sideline fake phone number verification app

Sideline is another fake phone number verification app you should consider.  It lets you get verified with a variety of major companies and brands, so it’s great for someone who needs to verify their account before they can access some apps or sites. 

The only downside is that the company doesn’t let you change your profile photo or your name. But if you don’t need those features, then this might be the best free SMS verification app for you! 

Plus, because it uses text messages as confirmation rather than push notifications like other apps do, it won’t consume your battery life.

9. Numero eSIM

Numero is a network that works with your mobile device to provide an authentication experience for when you download apps or sign up for various websites. You can use this app to select numbers from various countries across the world, so in case you’re traveling or have family members in different regions, you don’t need to worry about being unable to be reached. 

The app automatically creates a number for every new person you add, which includes both voice and text messaging services. The best part? It doesn’t cost anything. I love this app because it’s quick and easy to use–and it even has a way to set up blocking filters if you get spam texts! 

It also offers several ways to make free phone calls, such as between Numero users, through VoIP networks, or on standard phone lines. All you need is Wi-Fi access. If you want more than just one phone number (for example, one for work and one for personal), then give Fakenumber a try.

 It lets you generate numbers at will–you choose the area code of where the fake number will be based and type in any name for the account holder of that particular line.

10. Skype Number

Skype is a free-to-use app that allows you to make free voice and video calls from any phone, tablet, or computer. Use the app’s video chat function to share photos, documents, or screens with people on Skype just like you would in person. 

You can also call mobile and landlines for 19 cents per minute with Skype minutes which come as part of your monthly Skype subscription. One downside of Skype is that it has fewer features than other similar apps such as WhatsApp or Viber, but it does provide great privacy. 


These are the 10 best free apps we’ve found to verify phone numbers and send text messages. Hopefully, they will make your life easier. If you have a better one, feel free to leave a comment below.

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