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10 Best Free Mac Cleaner Software 2023

Cleaner software for your Mac: If you have a Mac that’s been weighed down by apps, leaving very little memory left for other things, you’ve got to get a Mac cleaner.

It would help clear out junk and temp files and optimize your Mac’s memory health.
In this post, we would be compiling 10 of the best Mac cleaners that are sure to do the job as effectively as you’d like.

On this list of Mac cleaners, the Smart Mac Care is the best from many indications.
It is a dedicated optimization that automatically does all the memory decluttering for you and also offers a variety of advanced and powerful tools to help you improve your Mac’s performance. Download it from here.

  • CleanMyMac X

This is another cleaner software that’s very straight-forward. You launch it, let it scan through your Mac’s memory, and it turns up with results and allows you to choose which you deem unwanted; you can then proceed to delete those unwanted files. Get CleanMyMac X here.

  • Disk Clean Pro

The Disk Clean Pro is a very popular Mac Cleaner software, and it is for good reasons.
It’s got all the essential features you’d need for a thorough disk clean-up without risking your important files.
All you need to do to get all unnecessary files out of your Mac is just a few clicks through Disk Clean Pro. You can download it here.

  • MacBooster 7

MacBooster 7 is one nifty Mac cleaner software you can get for your Mac. It can recognize up to 20 types of junk files, and gives you access to do a “Deep System Clean-up”. Get the software here.

  • CCleaner for Mac

This is a very solid cleaner software for your Mac, and it comes in three versions: Free, Professional, and Professional Plus, and in that order, there is an addition of features to help you analyze your Mac’s memory usage. In its basic form, the software helps you recognize and analyze unwanted files. Get it here.

  • App Cleaner and Uninstaller

This is a good Cleaner software from Nektony, and it’s just the right software to use when you wish to delete and uninstall apps on your Mac. It would also help you delete services files from apps (for when you want an app to launch like it’s the first time).

  • DaisyDisk

From the stables of Software Ambience Corp., this software shows its analysis results in a pie chart and would allow you to click and examine a fraction of the pie to see disk usage figures. It would also come up with files eating up space, and allow you to delete the files from there.

  • Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is another cleaner software you can get for your Mac. It shows up your Mac’s memory usage in a colorful treemap style and allows you to click on each section to preview, and delete files in the folder.

  • Disk Doctor

This software sits pretty in the league of the best cleaner software for Mac. It allows recovering storage space with just a few clicks. It categorizes search results into comprehensive groups such as Downloads, Browser Data, and so on.

  • Data Rescue 3

This software was designed by Prosoft Engineering, and even cleans drives that only function partially. It is very easy to use, and would even scan external drives.

Cleaner Software for Mac FAQs

What is the best memory cleaner for Mac?

From many indications, Smart Mac Care is the best cleaner for Mac. It has a dedicated optimization feature that would automatically clean your Mac for you.

Is Clean My Mac X safe to use?

Clean My Mac X is a very nifty tool to have, for when you want to declutter your Mac’s memory, and it’s popularly recommended too!

Is Clean My Mac X worth it?

If your Mac is being slowed down by unwanted files, CleanMyMac X would do the job of ridding the Mac of those files.

Why is my Mac all of sudden so slow?

This could be caused by the services files that are downloaded by apps on your Mac, for faster launch times; and also temp files.

What is the best software to clean up my Mac?

You can choose from the aforelisted Cleaner software, as they are very good at what they do, and are highly recommendable.

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