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10 Best Booking Apps for Android and iOS (2023)

We have compiled a list of some of the best booking apps for Android and iOS, for those people who would like to handle flight ticket bookings and get deals and offers on flight bookings.

Booking Apps

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is the app to get for flights, hotels and rental car bookings. The app sifts through for the most affordable flights and best options for you. It’s got a “top deals” section, which is a curated list of destinations with affordable prices, close to your airport. You can track your bookings from the “Trips” tab on the app.

2. Kayak

This is one booking app to consider if you’re out for exclusive deals on Flights, hotels, and rental vehicles. It’s got interesting features such as Price Forecast, which you can use to see whether to book a flight or wait. It can also act as a good tip planner, allowing you to view your flight booking details, hotels confirmation number, or gate pass at a glance and in real-time.

3. Hopper

Hopper is the booking app to download if you’re out looking for the cheapest available price for a plane ticket. It would actually send you notifications to tell you when to book a ticket. It’s got a simple User Interface, and it claims to handle a flight booking in less than a minute and helps you save up to 40% on your next flight.

4. Expedia

Expedia is a very popular booking app. The app allows you to save up to 15% on Holiday flight and hotel bookings. It even allows you to handle and manage multiple deals.

5. EaseMyTrip

This is another great booking app you can get on Android and iOS. The app has you covered on one-way and round trips, domestic and international flights, giving you discounts on hotels and flight bookings.

6. Cheapflights

This is a good booking app, allowing you to compare cheap flights from over a hundred airlines and travel agencies across the globe. You can choose the cheapest day to fly by using the “price calendar” and “chart views”.

7. ClearTrip

This is an easy-to-use booking app, for your domestic and international flights. It’s got everything you need to have your flights and hotel bookings sorted out.

8. Google Trips

This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Google Trips. It’s a simple easy-to-use booking app form Google. Other than the fact that it helps you make flights and hotel bookings, it’s got some pretty useful features, like the Gmail syncing it does, curating all past, present and future flight trips planned in your mailbox.

9. TripIt

With TripIt, you have all your planned travels arranged in an itinerary. If you have TripIt Pro version, it allows you to find the best seat on a plane!

10. prides itself as one of the best booking apps you can have. It helps out with your hotel bookings, and takes care of all your hotel and travel needs, even if you aren’t available. With a repository of thousands of hotels and travel agencies, you are pretty much covered as far as hotel bookings go.

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